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Hair Color

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There are so many options for hair color - we added some photos to help you book the right service to achieve your dream hair. 

New Growth | $100+

This service is to cover roots only, normally for grey coverage. 


All Over Color | $130+

An all over color service is a single process color applied from roots to ends. 


Lighting Services

These services are for anyone wanting to add dimension, brightness, contrast, or blonde to their hair.


  • Partial Lighting | $140+

  • Partial Lighting with Grey Coverage | $175+

  • Full Lighting | $175+

  • Full lighting with Grey Coverage | $210+


A partial placement is for your crown forward, leaving contrast underneath. A full placement is the whole head, from the nape of the neck to the front hairline. 

Fashion Colors and Color Corrections 

Consultation needed

Black Fabric
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