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Our Team


Owner & Dedicated Stylist

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Heidi is the proud owner of Salon Jade and a dedicated stylist.


With a passion and skill level that ensures breathtaking transformations, Heidi is committed to making your hair dreams a stunning reality.


Renowned for her pursuit of perfection, she stays at the forefront of the latest hair trends and is known in the industry as the BEST hand-tied extension stylist. Heidi's commitment to education extends beyond her salon, as she also serves as a Platform hair extensions educator, sharing her expertise with fellow stylists. 

Please note that Heidi is currently exclusively accepting extension clients.

Fun Fact

Heidi’s not ticklish!

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Dedicated Stylist


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Val is an incredible hair artist with a true passion for making you look and feel fabulous!


Her sweet and vibrant personality shines through in every haircut, and her commitment to learning keeps her skills at the forefront of the industry.


Val takes the time needed for those jaw-dropping transformations and always aims to deliver exactly what you desire.


Join her diverse clientele and be the next addition to her chair – give us a call today to book an appointment with Val!


Fun Fact

Val's celebrity crush? The charming Ian Somerhalder!


Dedicated Stylist


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Hunter’s salon experience is not just a service but a joyous journey filled with laughter.


He is a true virtuoso in the world of hairstyling, showcasing exceptional talent that sets him apart. His expertise shines in crafting dimensional brunettes and mastering the art of curly haircuts, creating looks that stand out from the crowd. Hunter is your go-to for all color requests, whether you're into blondes, brunettes, or anything in between.


And to top it off, he'll finish your session with a blowout that leaves your hair feeling better than ever!

Fun Fact

Hunter initially aspired to be a music teacher before finding his passion in the world of beauty.


Dedicated Stylist


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Emily is our salon sweetheart with an unmatched passion for hair color and extensions.


Whether you're leaning towards a dark, rich tone or aiming for a bright, bold look, Emily is all in!


Her keen attention to detail is the secret sauce that sets her apart, ensuring that you feel both comfortable and confident in her chair.


Don't wait any longer – book your appointment with Emily today!


Fun Fact

Emily initially aspired to be an architect!


Level 3 Dedicated Stylist


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Peyton is our resident fashionista with an undeniable love for all things trendy!


While her favorite service is conquering the art of hair color, Peyton equally enjoys the precision of hair cutting.


When asked about her favorite part of the hair industry, her response was simple – all of it!


Don't miss out on the chance to experience Peyton's expertise. Schedule your appointment today, and let the hair party begin!

Fun Fact

Peyton dreams of living the city life in NYC!

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Dedicated Stylist


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Kenzi is a rising force in the industry!


Although she's just beginning her journey, Kenzi is a powerhouse of pure talent.


Specializing in blondes and dimensional hair color, she's dedicated to forging connections and bringing your dream hair to life.


Kenzi is eager to meet you and embark on this styling adventure together!


Fun Fact

As a child, Kenzi used to show cows in 4-H!

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Salon Assistant


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Teak is a the fresh addition to team!


A graduate from the AVEDA Institute in 2023, Teak is on a journey of continuous learning under the guidance of the best in the industry, showcasing her pure talent.


Keep an eye out because her appointment books will be opening soon – you won't want to miss the chance to experience her growing success!

Fun Fact

She was in love with Travis Kelce before Taylor!

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Dedicated Stylist

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Tiffany is a seasoned professional in the industry, and her journey has been nothing short of remarkable! With a wealth of experience over the past few years, Tiffany has proven that she made the right choice in pursuing her passion. Her talent shines through, especially when it comes to her favorite services – blonding and dimensional colors. Thrilled to be a part of the team, Tiffany is eagerly looking forward to meeting you and bringing her expertise to your styling experience!

Fun Fact

When she's not creating stunning hair transformations, Tiffany channels her creativity into making jewelry and crochet!

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